5 Ways to Have the Best Week

How to feel great this week...

Abraham Lincoln once said, "I don't like that man. I must get to know him better." He knew a secret that can help us all. Feelings follow our actions. It would be nice if we felt love for those around us at all times. But that's not reality; life is full of stress and emotional triggers beyond our choosing. How should we deal with that? If we can be as wise as Abe Lincoln, then we'll choose to reach out rather than close off. Help people this week in personal ways. You'll find you like them and the world around you much better.

 Don't Forget:

- You can reference Simple Help using "@gohelpsomebody" on FB, Twitter or Instagram.

- Add the hashtag "#simplehelp" to any related post on social media. Use it, and the whole tribe of helpers can easily see ways we are making a difference!

For the week of March 11 - March 15

 Actions: The Simple Helps to remember

  • Monday -  Respond quickly to texts and/or emails today.

  • Tuesday -  Introduce two people, that you know, who ought to know each other.

  • Wednesday - Learn where you can use your talents to help others. This is a good place to start.

  • Thursday - Surprise someone with 5 minutes of your undivided attention.

  • Friday - Send a letter to someone in the military. 

Be awesome. Make someone's day.  Join the rest of us this week and go help somebody!