5 Ways to Feel Inspired

You're the inspiration. It's easy to do simple things to help other people when we're inspired. It's much harder when we're tired. Where do we get inspiration? Sure, we could wait on a wave of motivation to wash by us and carry us to our next good deed. But that method isn't really reliable. The only way to tap into inspiration on demand is to breathe life into other people on purpose. It's where the word "inspire" comes from in the first place. Simple Help is about choosing to do the next right thing even when we're not feeling inspired. Then, amazingly, the feeling usually shows up too. You're the inspiration.

 Don't Forget:

- You can reference Simple Help using "@gohelpsomebody" on FB, Twitter or Instagram.

- Add the hashtag "#simplehelp" to any related post on social media. Use it, and the whole tribe of helpers can easily see ways we are making a difference!

 For the week of February 11 - February 15

 Actions: The Simple Helps to remember

  • Monday -  Give someone a second chance.

  • Tuesday -  Treat everyone the way you want to be treated.

  • Wednesday - Apologize to someone. You know who.

  • Thursday - Wish everyone you see a Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Friday -  Give a good word to someone who is having a bad day.

Be awesome. Make someone's day. Join the rest of us this week and go help somebody!