5 Ways to Make This Week Happier

The week ahead is so full of potential!

There are thousands of acts of kindness that will come to life this week. Thousands of days will be made a little brighter. Thousands of moments of joy made possible by wonderful people like you reading this blog. It may seem like a small, simple step to just read it and find out how to help this week. But that’s the whole idea of Simple Help! The journey of a thousand smiles begins with that first simple step.

 Don't Forget:

- You can reference Simple Help using "@gohelpsomebody" on FB, Twitter or Instagram.

- Add the hashtag "#simplehelp" to any related post on social media. Use it, and the whole tribe of helpers can easily see ways we are making a difference!

For the week of September 17 - September 21 

Actions: The weekly 5 (Can you hit the elusive quintuple?)

  • Monday - Put clothes that you haven’t worn in a year into a trash bag, put the bag in your trunk. Donate it when you drive by a Goodwill or used clothes receptacle this week. 

  • Tuesday -  Do the dishes today (at work or at home) even if you aren’t the one who made them dirty.

  • Wednesday -  Today, ask at least one person, “What can I do to help you?”

  • Thursday -  Play FreeRice. It’s a simple website where you answer questions to donate rice to people in need. They work through the UN World Food Programme. Every time you answer a question, ten grains of rice are donated. 

  • Friday -  Tell someone about a quality of theirs that you admire.

 Be awesome. Make someone's day. Join the rest of us this week and go help somebody!