Make the world better this week!

If you are new here, welcome!

If you are now a veteran, then welcome back for another week of making the world more awesome! For now, Facebook is the place we share the stories of the practical and purposeful impact of kindness. So, if you can let us know how it went for you as many days as possible, it will help everyone. We noticed you all are a bit shy so far!️ It's ok, it's a new week. You can work up the courage! You can also tag the group using "@gohelpsomebody" on FB, Twitter or Instagram!

Soon we'll have a way to measure the number of simple helps by the entire community each week. Until then, let's post about how things went - here.

For the week of July 16-20
Let's tackle these 5 simple helps together:

  • Monday
    Give someone a genuine compliment. Need an example? If you like a stranger's shoes, tell them. If you admire a skill of your co-worker's skill, say something. Key: Must be specific and genuine. 
  • Tuesday
    Write a simple help that you would like to see show up in the weekly email. Send it to today. Not only will you be helping us find more awesome things to write, you'll be helping people - help more people! 
  • Wednesday
    Let someone go ahead of you. Maybe in traffic, in line at the store, or just walking down the hall at the office!
  • Thursday
    Bite your tongue. No, not literally. When you want to say something unkind today, don't. 
  • Friday
    Write a thank you note to your boss or co-worker and highlight a way they have helped you. Be as specific and detailed as possible. Everyone loves to know exactly how they are awesome!

Be awesome this week, share this with your friends so they can sign up here, and join the rest of us to go help somebody!