5 Ways to Make a Difference in Less than 5 Minutes

We all want to be significant to those we love.

But, what would it be like if we stretched just a bit and did something for someone we don’t even know? Sound kinda awkward? It doesn’t have to be. As a matter of fact, this list is the most introvert-friendly list you may ever read.

Check it out:

1. While going through a drive through, pay for the meal of the people in the car behind you. Tell the person at the window to tell the people, “Your food has been paid for because you are awesome.”

2. Make two lunches. On your way to work, give one to a homeless person.

3. Think of something you have that you don’t need. Think about someone you know who would love to have it. Give it to them with a simple note that says, “I think this should belong to you.”

4. Find a friend on Facebook that you know could use some encouragement. Post something on their wall telling others something great about them. (hint: don’t make them uncomfortable. Stick with things like “You’re super awesome. I was just telling my family the other day how great it was that time when you…”

5. Dare to care. Engage in a short conversation with someone who is clearly disregarded by others. See if there is a way you can help.

You never know what just a few minutes can do in the lives of others. If you are intentional about finding the opportunities you’ll know what those few minutes can do for you.

We can change our communities when we venture outside of ourselves. It benefits those in need and the generations that follow.

Go help somebody. You’ll be glad you did.