My Dear Friends,
You are already connected with us on the journey to help the vulnerable. Thank you!

Becky and I spent the last eight months working with our small, but mighty team to put things in place to make a lasting impact that will outlive our abilities to contribute good to this world. Along the way, we’ve faced some challenges and also realized some incredible opportunities we never knew we’d have.

Our first season beyond the organized church environment, in almost 50 years, is flat out awesome. We are building new partnerships, training volunteers, and coordinating direct help for people who are typically ignored by society. Initially, we have been putting together a system to help local agencies and faith communities in their ability to address family homelessness and that work continues daily through the Community Resource Network. We are doing what we love and getting to work with our family on a daily basis. It’s amazing!

Recently, we discovered a way to be of unlimited help to others.

That brings us to you.

You're already connected to others who want to help and we are creating more structured ways for anyone to be a practical help to those around them. We realize that help agencies who are already engaged with the needy are only the beginning. Government programs and other provider agencies do a great job, but they can’t complete the work of fixing the problems, much less prevent them.

I want to talk to you about a new focus for growing a movement of helpers changing the world in personal ways. We are calling the movement Simple Help. It will provide you with easy steps that make a difference through focused effort requiring little money and little time.

Simple Help is a movement, not an organization. It is easy to join and easy to do. When Simple Help begins we hope you will forward the invitation to everyone you know. Through Simple Help, we all will be doing the same things to make our community better on the same days. Each weekly email will offer 5 ways you can choose to better your local community. Each will take less than 5 minutes of your time and cost less than $5. The Simple Help email will show up in your inbox every week and is, of course, free!

For those who want to advance beyond the call of duty, making a greater impact in people’s lives, Simple Help will provide focused, three, and ten-day challenges each month along with recognition for the helper's efforts. The challenges require an investment of some time and some money (100% of which will go to the Simple Help movement to address the needs of the vulnerable, more on this later).

Helping others is incredibly rewarding and when we all do our part we solve the big problems. Be on the lookout for your Simple Help email coming next week. You are in on the ground floor of an amazing movement with the potential to change your world.

With love,

Dr. Joel C. Hunter
Chairman, Community Resource Network
Chairman, Slingshot