You Can Lead from Wherever You Are

Great leaders build bridges. They see around corners and let others know what’s coming. They dare to do the uncomfortable. You can be one.

You aren’t leading if you don’t have followers, but you can get followers. Do something others wish they dared to do; for the benefit of someone else. Here are a few easy ways to lead no matter where you are.

#1. Find a place to volunteer for 30 minutes a week. After you have been doing it for a few weeks, let your friends know and invite them to join you. Don’t ask them until you are comfortable enough with your role to spend your time helping them connect. Help them help others.

#2. Find someone with a quantifiable, unmet need. Tell those around you how you plan to meet that need and ask them to help. It could be as simple as raising $10 for someone who forgot their lunch and wallet. It doesn’t matter that you could pay the $10 to solve the problem yourself. Facilitate the investment of others.

#3. Speak to others using this as your filter: “Say only the things that could stand as the last thing you’ll ever say.” Ok, that one is not easy, but it’s powerful and inspiring. And doable.

When you lead, you awaken possibility in other people. We were born to make a difference and will follow anyone who will help us matter. When you take time to help others - help others, you’re not only leading; you’re creating lasting change. You’ll find it will remind you that you matter.

Because you do.