Seriously? Fierce? That’s the adjective that so many women are choosing to define themselves? Surely we can do better.  Can you imagine the reaction if men started using this adjective to describe themselves? I totally get that there are some males out there who want to take advantage of us, but instructing young girls to become fierce seems like a less than stellar approach to the problem.

What if we instead, encouraged them to dare to be modest in a world that’s not, to be determined to be learned, kind, thoughtful, and hardworking -- and helped them understand that those attributes can reach full potential only in a person who is strong. What if we women were as courageous about being tender as we are being tough.

There always will be human beings, male and female who act with sinful intentions, but “displaying an intense or ferocious aggressiveness” doesn’t sound like a biblical strategy. Fierce--what a strange label to choose for ourselves. We can do better.

“Treat others as you want them to treat you.” - Luke 6:31 (TLB)