As I watched our grandson, Lincoln, play David in the 4th-grade play at The Geneva School I was reminded that the first step to defeat a giant is to take note of the giant. The second step is to ask a lot of questions about the whole giant situation and then to prepare to handle that giant problem in the way that God guides. 1 Samuel 17 tells the story of how David handled his giant problem, but the book on how each of us faces a big problem, both personally and as a community, is still being written. In case you haven't noticed yet, our Central Florida community has a giant-sized problem. A whole lot of families are facing poverty and homelessness and it's challenging all of us, even those who haven't noticed yet.  

Certainly, the situation would be much more dire for our community if there were not so many brave folks who noticed this giant long ago. God has guided them to get past the armors of substance abuse, broken relationships, mental illness, unemployment, and just plain ‘ole “bad luck”; these heroes continue to make life better for many folks! But, in spite of some great chapters about the way Central Florida has been handling homelessness, the manuscript is still in the works.

1 Samuel 17:47(b) makes it clear that the battle is not ours, “The battle is the Lord’s.”  No need to fear when we notice the giant. Just get some clarity on the situation and do what you can with what you've got. But most important of all, stay focused on the One who brings victory!

Want to know how you can help defeat homelessness?

Email and we will email you a list of ways and places you can volunteer alongside some of the heroes who have been fighting this giant problem for years. And if you’d like a little more clarity about how to help those dealing with poverty, before you dive into serving, sign up for the “When Helping Hurts” seminar happening this Saturday, November 4!