Helping -- It’s the Heartbeat of Christ

“There is no one who is insignificant in the purpose of God.” –Alistair Begg

Joel and I spent several hours at Chuck E. Cheese's on Saturday celebrating the 8th birthday of our grandson, Luke.  If you haven’t been to Chuck E. Cheese's recently, let’s just say it’s a very festive cluttered place where kids are so happy about a mouse mascot, pizza, and arcade games that they can hardly contain themselves. Adults go there because kids can’t go by themselves.

There was a teenage girl working there that day who went way out of her way to make sure adults in the “birthday section” had everything they needed to make the celebrations special for their kids. And she did it wearing a big warm smile and a cross on a necklace chain. I was reminded of the servant heart of Jesus as I watched her.

The next day, Joel and I were at the John Knox Village Vespers Service where he preached. If you haven’t been to a Senior Living Community lately, let’s just say it’s nothing at all like Chuck E. Cheese's.  

There was a sweet lady there who greeted me at the door that evening. “I like to help people,” she said.” Is there anything you need?”  I thanked her for asking and said, “I’m fine.” She winked and then whispered through a grin, “Honey, I used to be a pastor’s wife.”  With that, she squeezed my hand and turned to help a friend struggling with a walker.  I was reminded of the servant heart of Jesus as I watched her.

Jesus lovers come in all ages. They show up in all places. And it is their nature to make someone’s day just a little bit better.

“He did not leave Himself without witness.” - Acts 14:17a